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Glue Gun Performance at Punk Rock Swap Meet

SupPort punk,
suPport Kids!

Punk Rock Swap Meet Mosh Pit
Punk Rock Swap Meet Prize Winner

WHAT's A PunK RoCk swap meEt?

Punk Rock Swap Meet (PRSM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and once-a-year punk concert extravaganza that helps raise money for underprivileged kids in LA County.


Imagine your favorite punk bands, door prizes, drawings, killer local vendors, slamming food, a full bar, and BOOM: PRSM.

Singer Performing at PRSM

who'S headlined?

PRSM has hosted punk rock legends including: The Grim, Youth Brigade, Agent Orange, Beowülf and many, many more. If you've missed out on past years, you won't want to miss out on our next event!

previous flyers

Our featured bands don't play around. We have SIX collectors edition posters from each event we've hosted! Make sure to snag yours at the next event!

Happy Attendee of PRSM Event

Our Impact

We've raised $1,000's over the years to help give away hundreds of toys on Christmas and buckets of candy on Halloween in a safe and family-friendly space!

Winner of Guitar Prize at Punk Rock Swap Meet
Happy Child at Punk Rock Swap Meet Event
Child Participating in Punk Rock Swap Meet Donut Eating Contest

Our Vision

At PRSM, we believe that the youth are the future! We operate with the vision of impacting 100,000 families across the LA County area.

100's of Toys Donated

20+ guitars Gifted

1,000+ Families Served

No events at the moment


  • What is Punk Rock Swap Meet?
    LA Weekly called it, “an all-ages indoor swap meet and concert extravaganza. Expect a drawing, door prizes and the usual controlled chaos.” It’s a DIY punk show for charity. We’re a 501(c)(3) supporting underprivileged kids in LA County. We help co-sponsor two free children’s events annually.
  • Are there ins-and-outs?
    Sure! However, just don't be nefarious in our parking lot or surrounding area.
  • Are chain-smokers welcome?
    We have a designated smoking area near the grotto. Light em if you got em. That’s our motto.
  • How's the food?
    Punks say it’s the best in town! PG Tacos are great! Allen serves some of the freshest most delicious tacos we’ve ever had. It’s a scene favorite.
  • When you say 'full bar with ID' does this include premium drinks?
    We have a variety of beers and premium style drinks available. If you don’t see it; just ask!
  • What if it rains?
    PRSM is an indoor event; we'll rock rain or shine.
  • Is there heating/air conditioning?
    Really? You poser! Of course there is. And flushing toilets as well.
  • We would like to donate our life savings to a worthy cause. How do we contact someone at Punk Rock Swap Meet?
    Send us an email HERE
  • How can we find out when the next event is?
    Subscribe to our email list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @punkswapmeet. Email subscribers are entered into a drawing and a winner is chosen at each event!
  • How can we volunteer to help?
    Apply for a volunteer role online!
  • Can we camp out overnight in the parking lot?
    No. The parking lot will be closed after the swap meet.
  • Where can we buy tickets?
    You can buy them online or you can try to buy in person (if we're not sold out).
  • How much is parking?
    100% FREE! Come early to get a VIP spot in our parking lot. If you're late, there's ample street parking.
  • Why does PRSM end so early?
    Listen, we all got lives and some of us wake up early on Sunday. We want all ages to be able to see there favorite band, thrash, win prizes, and go home at a reasonable time.
  • Are kids welcome? My baby sitter canceled.
    Kids under 3 are FREE! We've always been all-ages. Kids 3+ pay full price. Parents - please keep an eye on your punk kids. Bring or buy ear protection for the family!
  • How do I become a vendor?
    Our vendor tables sell out like hot cakes! Click here to reserve your spot!
  • Are vendors required to sign a release of liability?
    Yes. We collect the signatures online immediately after signup.
  • Can I sneak-in and set up my vendor table then pay you after I make a bunch of sales if ever?
    No. Someone tried that before. Payment is due in advance.
  • Can I run power to my vendor table?
    Yes, just let us know in advance so we can find you the right spot.
  • How long are vendor tables?
    Approximately 8-feet in length. If you prefer a 6-foot table instead, let us know!
  • What past prizes have you offered?
    Signed posters, bass guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, band merch, records, and so much more! Don't miss the chance to win!
  • How do I get one of those laminated VIP passes?
    Everyone’s a V.I.P. at Punk Rock Swap Meet. Laminated passes are included with the price of admission. Go to the front door and purchase a ticket.
  • Is there a limit to how many raffle tickets we can buy?
    Nope. Buy the whole damn roll.
  • Is there a guest list?
    Yes! Each band member is allowed one guest. Check-in at the door!
  • Can my band play at Punk Rock Swap Meet? What criteria do you use to choose?
    We like punk rock bands that draw large crowds and don’t complain much. Each group is expected to do their share to promote the event. We are always on the lookout for new talent. Submit your band for consideration of our next event online.
  • What time does the first band play?
    Shortly after the doors are opened. See the upcoming set times here.
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